Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quick Look Graney's Stout

Graney's Stout is across the street form Wolfs Bier Garden on Broadway.  Great old Albany building (old being relative in Albany since anything really old they raised years ago).  Any who.  The Translator and I stopped by for lunch on Monday.  This again was a quick look as I had to go back to work.  So I could only have one.  A Victory Donnybrook Stout poured on nitro. At 3.7% it’s a good beer for the lunch goer.  Very nice to see someplace pouring w/ nitro on something other than Guinness.  They are taking the Stout name thing a little far.  Most of the drafts are stouts. With a few Irish reds which need trying.  They have one guest  IPA.  Which had run out.  Hummmm.  The place is in very big and clean and the staff warm.  Lunch was good but boring.  What no Graney's Stout famous Shepard's pie?  Graney's needs a closer look.

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