Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ommegang Disappoints. The Blue Mingo does not.

Last Friday the Tower and I drove out to Ommegang for lunch and to review the new Ommegang restaurant we have been hearing so much about. Well the restaurant was closed. Besides us, at least 17 other people were turned away--something about a concert that night and the musicians needing the restaurant to get loaded before the show. Before you drive all the way to Cooperstown check the Ommegang website for the hours for the restaurant. Oh yeah, you will also have to call. (607) 286 4090. What is this 2009? The site says nothing about a restaurant. Maybe it was just wishful thinking on the part of Landman and Council. Maybe there isn’t any restaurant.

Well dam it. The Tower was faint with hunger and we were in Cooperstown. What to do?

The Blue Mingo. One mile before you get to Cooperstown on Rt. 28 is The Blue Mingo. Lovely old timey charm, great food and you can get Ommegang beers served to you while dining on the shores of Otsego Lake.

BPA served in a BPA glass. Fish tacos and Sriacha-lime-cilantro French fries. The Blue Mingo saves the day

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