Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cellaring Beer

A growing number of Americans practice the art of beer cellaring.

Monday, June 23, 2008

MAS June Meeting @ Bill & Jen C's

Nice night, good fire and did that beer have rasins in it?

Monday, June 16, 2008

7 Barrel Brewery, West Lebanon, NH

Just a girl and her Growler

7 Barrel Brewery, West Lebanon, NH

The Bride makes friends with ease.
Champion Reserve IPA : Very good brew pub beer nice and clean and good and hoppy.
Quechee Cream Ale: Throwback to those beers you drink as a 70's teenager. The bride loved it.
Pale Ale on Cask: Good pale ale nice balance, not over hopped. Served a little warm for my taste. Food not so good.
Brewed with water of Moose Mountain
Over all Nice Pub. If you lived near it you would go there.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Victory Brewing Co.

The Victory Brewing Company is located in a warehouse complex in Downingtown , Pennsylvania just outside of Philadelphia . It is quite off the beaten path from Interstate 95 but the directions the brewpub provided for us were excellent. When we got out of the car the smell of malt hung in the hot, humid air. Inside the brewpub it was cool, spacious and immaculate.
We learned that the brewpub and restaurant had been newly renovated and had only just reopened. At first the waitress seated us in a rather undesirable long hallway of booths on the way to the bathrooms. She probably did this because we had our son with us and there was a game room located on the hall. My husband moved us into the main dining room and bar area where we could admire the impressive bar. .In one corner sat a round, roomy booth called the Brewmasters Booth, topped with a copper brewhouse top imported from a German brewery.

A glimpse into the kitchen revealed a young woman rolling out a long rope of dough which I took to be the brewpubs legendary fresh-baked pretzels. We ordered a pretzel and it came fresh out of the oven with a German mustard and delicious cheddar cheese sauce on side. The menu offered many other appetizing choices. I ordered a lump crab salad. Dieter had the jerk chicken sandwich and Wolfie had a hamburger. We also had an order of chipotle chicken wings. Everything was delicious.
Wild Devil is Victory's new spin on the popular Hop Devil. By adding Brettanomyces "wild yeast" to the brew they gave it a sourish edge with all the great over hopped taste. Really liked this spin. Don't look for this out standing brew in bottles. Sorry draft only.

Abbey 6 Very nice dry Belgian pale ale. At 6.5% a nice pint of Belgian for lunch. Again draft only.

Throwback Lager Man you could throw back a few of these. Although I don't think that is what the name is going for. This medium body lager is meant to be what lagers were like pre Prohibition. I 'm not a big lager fan but if more lagers had the body and smoothness of the fine beer I would throw a few back.

We ordered two pretzels to go which we were excellent for lunch the next day. After a swing through the gift shop that has a great selection of t-shirts and bottled beer we were on our way.

District ChopHouse & Brewery

Sunday, June 1, 2008