Friday, October 9, 2009

Glen Beck WTF

The Beer Club is  generally a non-partisan organization, united across bounds of race, creed, style and various disorientations in a love of beer and a quest for hops-related truth. So perhaps I should commerce this short diatribe by stating that my comments are my own opinion (and those of El Presidente, if I may speak for him), and not those of the membership as a whole, though I would hope that the vast majority would concur.
El Presidente and Counsel were engaged in a  nefarious, beer-related reconnoiter in the environs of Balston Spa (the other Spa City) NY, this past Monday, and felt the need for a quick refreshment. A Sierra Nevada sign in the window of the Sunset Cafe on Front Street was like a beacon from the beer gods, and we leapt to answer the call.
At first blush It looked like an ok place, nothing special, but all we wanted was a quick pint of Chico's finest. Instead, we were treated to the ugly mug of Glenn Beck leering down at us from the prominently displayed idiot box over the bar. His mouth drooled as he spouted his obscenities:  this was not to our taste.  Jerks like Beck and others of his ilk go against everything the Beer Club (in a bipartisan way) holds dear: truth, decency and the American Way. That sort of crap has no place in any decent bar.
So the Sunset Cafe lost 2 potential customers: stand up, my friends, in support of  a comfortable and welcoming drinking environment. Fight mediocrity and propaganda wherever it rears its ugly head.
Down in One


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  1. Thank you for speaking out (with actions) about what has long been a thriving, cancerous growth on the American psyche ! The "hate pulpit" as John Stewart so aptly refers to them, has been chipping away at common decency and true American values under the opaque guise of right wing moral authority for way too long.
    These invective slingers care nothing for the good of our country preferring, as they so obviously do, the exponential growth of theirs and their fellow haters bank accounts.
    The sad thing is that a huge part of their following are the very people who are being screwed by these mother$%^%*% and they don't even realize it. Thanks for the heads up: I will never spend a cent in the Sunset Cafe.