Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Coba & Wiz go back to the roots.

Next we headed off to Sweden where we did the majority of our drinking with at home with the family (primarily the Danish Harbo Dark and, of course, aquavit) with a few notable exceptions. In Stockholm, located on a few of the 25,000 islands in the Swedish archipelago, we caught the finish of the Volvo Around the World Boat Race. At one of the many bars set up temporarily along the harbor, we were treated to a view of the National Museum and some of the boats while we drank our Pripps. “The best selling beer in Sweden,” the light lager was low in alcohol but refreshing after a long day of sightseeing. In the Sodermalm section of the city, we visited Tiffany’s where we switched it up and chose a the Czech beer, Staropramen, a light-bodied dark pilsner in the Bavarian style. We also stopped in at Akkurat (, on the advice of beer consultant Tomas Holmquist, in search of his favorite cask-conditioned Swedish beer. Though Stor Makt (Great Power) was no longer available, we did find many of our own faves on tap, including Leffe Brown and Brooklyn Ale. On our last day, we took a boat to the island of Fjaderholmarna where Cobra enjoyed a Swedish Mariestad Porter (yum!!) while the Wiz reverted to type and ordered up a Whitbread Organic Kent Ale.

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