Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Abbey Road Trip

Those long slogs across the Mass Pike can now be eased with a stop at Armsby Abbey in Worchester. Yes, its true there is something worth stopping for in Worchester; in fact it is worth going out of your way to check it out. An awesome draught list, pages of bottles, great food with local ingredients and pairings with recommended beers, fair prices – what more could you ask for? Well how about a brand new 2,600 square foot beer garden with 50 draughts! To be honest we couldn’t go to the beer garden, which is a separate location, because it’s 21 and over, but if it is anything like the Abbey search it out (the Abbey is 21 and over after 6:00).

And speaking of searching, the Abbey is easy to get to off 290. Take the downtown exit go straight toward the downtown to the first “T” intersection, take a right and it’s a block or two on the left. I am told the beer garden is even closer to the highway for your drinking and driving convenience (hey remember that’s illegal!)

While the beer speaks for itself, the food also deserves a word. We were there for brunch and had an eggs Benedict calzone – fresh local eggs, farm smoked ham wrapped in a tasty dough with a side of hollandaise – may be not heart healthy but with a Lost Abbey Devotion – probably worth dying for. Not heart healthy enough for you, how about a homemade mac n cheese made with three artisanal cheeses and covered with toasted homemade ale bread crumbs – that’ll slow the old pump down. Wash it down with a Stone Vanilla Smoked Porter and your ready to roll. On the non alcoholic side the homemade lemonade was a big hit, but the bigger score was the homemade lemonade with muddled fresh raspberries.

So next time your on the road looking for a stop don’t think fast food, slow down and find the Abbey. Check out the website and you may find yourself looking for reasons to go to Worchester soon.

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  1. sounds like an oasis, we'll have to check it out on our trek to you're not 21 yet?