Friday, August 21, 2009

Battle of the Brews returning to Saratoga

Beer fanciers probably are as opinionated about their quaffs as anyone in any field. If you’re among that group, the “Battle of the Brews” at the Saratoga Race Course is for you.

The 12th annual event will be held from noon to 4:30 p.m. Friday, August 28, as a fundraiser for the American Red Cross Adirondack-Saratoga Chapter. Event visitors will be able to vote for their favorites from among a large field of brews.

Admission to the event is $25 and limited to patrons 21 and older. Tickets are available by e-mail or by calling 792-6545.

Breweries, in alphabetical order, lined up for the event:

Anchor Brewing
Black Dog
Blue Moon
Boulder Beer
Brewery Ommegang
Brooklyn Brewery
Harpoon Brewery
High Falls Brewing Co.
Ithaca Beer
Long Trail Brewing Co.
Magic Hat Brewing Co.
Olde Saratoga Brewing Co.
Otter Creek Brewing Co.
Pete’s Brewing Co.
Samuel Adams
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Switchback Brewing
Woodchuck Cider

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  1. I will be there. Hope to see you all there!