Friday, March 16, 2012

Wild Game Night

The Helderberg Historian and myself attended the Wild Game Night at The City Beer Hall last night.  Seating is upstairs and family style.  HH and I sat with a very nice group from State Ed.
Chef Dimitri and Brewer Hutch Kurgman from The Crossroads Brewery did a lovely job with beer pairing.

Best pairing of the night was Crossroads BPA with the rabbit dumplings in hot and sour soup.
Brewer Hutch sat and told us this BPA was a collaboration with the Great Adirondack Brewery.  It was brewed with  Belgian Westmall yeast, Amarillo hops and some experimental hop that doesn’t have a name yet only a number.  If you were to compare it to say Ommegang’s BPA Crossroads would be fruitier with a more complex hop aroma, richer mouth feel and smoother finish.The fruitiness of the BPA was a perfect  balance to the hot and sour soup.  The soup had such complexity of flavors you would have been hard pressed to pair it with a wine.

Sorry we drank the last keg of the BPA last night.  Let’s hope they make more.

Chef Dimitri did an out standing job with all the food. There is a lot of love in his food. You know a meal was great when you find yourself savoring that last bite of roasted parsnips, fennel and cippolini onion with the last sip of Outrage IPA.

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