Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Abyss

Many thanks to club member Alex for bringing a bottle of the fabled Deschutes Abyss Double/imperial Stout back from his recent swing through Oregon. A few members had the pleasure of sampling this rarity (at least in our neck) at recent steering committee soiree. It gets 100 points from BA, which  we don't take as gospel but as a general guideline of quality. 

A fearsomely huge beer, deep black and lovely in the glass. Strong scent of dark chocolate and espresso, plus a hefty alcohol burn. Taste continues the cocoa, with a thick texture and long bitter aftertaste. A huge and complex glass of beer.

Many kudos to members who return from their travels with exotic bevvies for the club to ponder. Such selfless behavior is strongly encouraged.

Down in one


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