Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The 411 on Wolf's 1-11

I'm not a gaming guy or even a sports guy.  Yes a beer guy I am.  So with very little time I stopped by Wolf's 1-11. With Dogfish Head 60min, Arrogant Bastard and Ommegang on it had to be looked into.  After all this is “The Trying City” area--just not trying as hard as Worcester, MA or even Ames, IA as far as beer goes. We do have one hell of a landfill though.  

Sorry.  Wolf's 1-11. Set up is the same as the 
Old Chicago. 31 knobs and 28 are DeCrescente. A reliable source tells me that the "soft opening" is going very well.  So far the first two kegs to kick have been Coors Lite and Miller Lite.  No surprise for a sports bar.  But the most interesting thing he said was that the Arrogant Bastard would be the third keg to kick.  And that with two Sams and two Sierras on.  This is a very good sign.  He is looking to move in more interesting beers if this is a trend, unlike Wolff's, which first promised us draft Belgian beer and then did so well with the German beers they didn't move in the Belgians.  But being that Wolf's 1-11 is not a ethnic themed bar maybe they can move into the craft beer market. This area needs a big, clean, easy to access craft beer bar! 60 knobs please!  

Wednesday nights are 
New York beer nights with $3.50 pints that includes Ommegang.  $1.50 off all pints at Happy Hour.  And the  sweet potato fries w/chipotle mayo are very good w/ the Arrogant Bastard. 

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  1. Sixteen 50 inch TV's in the bar on four different channels and one devoted totally to advertising. Is the place a bar or a media center? Without some major gimmicks I bet they don't last a year.