Monday, September 14, 2009

Aussie-brewed ‘sauvignon blanc lager’ now on tap at Brown’s

A grassy lager meant to remind drinkers of sauvignon blanc, which I wrote about in a story in late August, is newly available at Brown’s Brewing Co. in Troy. Dubbed Aussie Hop Kicking Sauv Blanc Lager, a 200-gallon batch of the beer was made a couple of weeks ago at Brown’s by Ross Kenrick, a homebrewer visiting from Brisbane, Australia, as part of an exchange with local homebrewers. Kenrick used rare New Zealand hops meant to evoke the wine varietal for which the beer is named.

Aussie Hop Kicking Sauv Blanc Lager is $4.50 per pint or $3.50 when it’s Beer of the Day at Brown’s, which it is today.

Brown’s Brewing Co. is located at 417 River St.

We need a review Landman.

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  1. Savu Blanc lager doesn't sound like a "Man's" beer even if the brewer is an Aussie; what do you pair it with, grapes and brie or a vegemite sandwich?