Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mahar`s Public Bar, Albany, NY

Counsel's birthday meeting at Mahar`s Public Bar
in Pine Hills with no less then 11 Belgium's on tap was a Silly event. Petrus old oak aged truly is the key to heaven.
A sour-sweet balance offset by the underlying bitterness of the hops. Another brewery you don't see on draft in this part of the world is Silly. Billie Dean has two offering form this Silly brewery. Silly Saison very dark in color for a Saison style beer. Maybe a little off as well. Will have to try again. And Silly Scotch ale much more like a Belgium Scotch. Full nose very rich and great March beer. Also the first I've seen Piraat on tap. One of many going at the benchmark. At 10.5 it's highing then the benchmark and a lot heaver and sweeter. Billie Dean was a great host and very helpful. Mahar's was one the first and still one of the best.

A goodtime was had by all as the video will a test to:

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