Thursday, February 23, 2012


You think we have ridiculous beer sale laws in NYS?  Try being a beer drinker in Montgomery county, Maryland, where the county orders and purchases the beer and then divvies it out to the retailers. Absurd and archaic, and certain to chase a discerning beer buyer out of dodge.

But the boys at Gilly's in Rockville are fighting the good fight, and you could do a lot worse. Quite a few decent domestic craft brews to be had, many local breweries among them, and a decent selection of Belgians. Also several taps for growler purchase, and unlike here, you can try before you buy.  They had Allagash white and Flying dog raging bitch on  tap when counsel stopped by, and that ain't shabby.

Pleasant and enthusiastic staff, ok selection. When in Rockville Gillys will get you through

Down in one

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