Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Throwback Brewery

Within 30 minutes of Landman Landing in Exeter, NH for the New Year’s weekend activities we were off to a brewery the VP had stumbled across earlier in the day.  Throwback Brewery.  There we found Nicole Carrier (Co-Founder) behind the taps.  Nicole poured us some beer and told us some tales.  Soon Annette Lee (Brewer/Co-Founder) came out from the back to help out.  Their game is local.  No Farms = No Beer.  They are trying to get as many local ingredients as the can to make their beers.  It sounds like it’s helpful that Nicole’s cousin owns Valley Malt in Hadley,MA  

For only having tapped their first keg in July things looked to be going well.  In the 40 minutes we were there 30 people came by to get their beautiful Throwback growlers filled.  They are bottling, they are kegging, they have glassware, they have T- shirts and a great website.

As for the beer--Hop Heads they are not.  These are some malty girls.  Of the four beers we tried we liked the Maple-Kissed Wheat Porter the best.  As the name implies it is not heavy on the maple and the wheat lightens things up nicely.  The Maple-Kissed Wheat Porter ended up being the take-home growlers.  And the VP bought glasses and I had to get the bride a No Farms = No Beer T-shirt.  And we stopped back the next day as well.

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  1. My friends in NH love this place. They always refer to it as the Ladies Brewery. They were also at the Portsmouth Brewfest last fall, but being arranged alphabetically I was in no shape to speak the them by the time I got to T