Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beer to go and a place to sit down and have a good beer and something to eat.  What will they think of next.  If in Park Slope you must go to BierKarft.  Just look at the draft list. I had the Bear Republic Monkey High Black IPA.  This being a newer style of beer I never know what to expect.  Nice and hoppy with a smooth malty back.  Unlike the Lagunitas black IPA I had last night with the man from the bunker.  The Lagunitas was 10% and should be called something other than a Black IPA.  In a 22oz it was a lot of beer. We were able to get through it.   The bride had the Captain Lawrence Freshcnester Pale Ale.  Very well crafted pale ale.  I do like this brewery.  Earlier in the day at Otto I had a Captain Lawrence Kölsch style.  The beer I had was very sour.  I don't remember Kölsch being that way.  As I like sour beers I drank it anyway.   Had to get a grower of Dales Pale on cask and a Greenport Hop-Nami cask to bring home.  .

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