Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Thousand Islands appears to be quite devoid of craft beer. The motorboat crowd seems to be more about quantity over quality.  A 24 oz. can of Genny for 99 cents.  NISM?  So when we walked into The Riverside Cafe in Clayton and saw the knob for something called 1812 we had to give it a whirl.
1812 is made by the Sackets Harbor Brewing Co. in Sackets HarborNY about 30 miles from Clayton.  Its’ a nice clean amber, very reminiscent of Newcastle but with less malt, which makes it quite drinkable.  
The Riverside Cafe has good food and riverside dining, right on the main channel looking out on Calumet Island.  Try the creamy Manhattan clam chowder. The friendly waitress told us it is the house specialty and they have been serving it for 21 years.   

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