Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nowhere must be Somewhere

If you find yourself thirsty and in the middle of nowhere, then maybe it’s time for a stop at the Country Inn.  Ok, so Krumville isn’t really nowhere, after all it’s just up the road from Kripplebush (areas named before the founder’s recognized the letter “C”).  It would be easy to go right by the Country Inn thinking it’s just another place to suck down a Miller light or ten and eat some greasy chicken wings, but stop by and prepare to have your expectations proven wrong.  Perhaps a Chimay Triple draft will adjust your thinking, or maybe a draft or two of Corsendonk Brown will put a proper light on this Kountry gem of a place.  Feeling a bit more English or concerned about the long ride back to somewhere, then a Fullers ESB draft might suit you better.  Regardless, the choices abound, the bar claims list of 500 bottles.  Short on time and funds (they don’t take plastic, but do have an ATM) I wasn’t able to properly sample the food or other drafts, but I am sure they will not disappoint.  The menu is fully of bistro type stuff – mussels, frites, Chimay braised short ribs- all properly local, though I hope the mussels aren’t from up on Kripple Creek, but the beer, have I already covered that, well its good.
I also have to mention the setting.  In the last year they added a beautiful stone patio overlooking a nice beaver pond.  The beavers must have been busy elsewhere, but domestic ducks and Canadian geese round out the very peaceful scene.  An outdoor fire pit forms the center piece of the patio and begs for a return visit on a cool night.  All and all worth a trip from anywhere.  
1380 County Road 2, Krumville, NY, 12461. Telephone 845-657-8956. Open Wednesday through Sunday.

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