Monday, August 2, 2010

Armsby Abbey

After a long weekend with the VP.  Discussing the finer points of beer. Putting a hurt on the local lobster population and attending a Sebago tasting.   More on the Sebago in the next post.  We still managed to stop in Worcester MA to check out the Armsby Abbey.  Some of you may have read Landman’s  glowing post from a year ago.  Well Landman does not lie.  What a great place.  Downtown Worcester was dead.  Armby Abbey at 144 Main Street was hopping for brunch.  No waiting, but most of the tables were full.  We got a table out side so Ringo could enjoy the place as well.  Started off with a Pretty Things Jack D’ Or.  They say it's an American saison style beer.  Not very saison to me but I lean to the Hennipen side of American saison.  A very well made beer nun the less.   Any who.  Beer two was from the 21st Amendment Brewery called Bitter American.  I have not heard of this brewery and was very pleasantly surprised.  Here is a class of beer very under represented in these United States.  Very well crafted and just a little more hoppy than a English bitter.   It went very well with the pulled pork quiche.  A lot of the food is sourced locally.  The bride had mac and cheese and it was excellent.  The Boy had the Belgian waffle. Very nice as well.    They own a second bar in Worcester called The Dive Bar.  Looks like I need to go back.   Oh and I see they are having a Allagash beer dinner on my birthday.

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