Friday, February 5, 2010

Hops Institute course

Assemblyman Bill Magee, the Northeast Hops Alliance, the NYS Brewers Association, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County, and Madison County’s Agricultural Economic Development Program are pleased to Announce the launch of New York State's Hops Institute.

The Hops Institute's 1st Course, Hops 101 will be held as follows:

Saturday, March 20th
8am SHARP  5pm
Saranac Brewery
830 Varick Street
Utica, NY 13502

February 3, 2010  Assemblyman Bill Magee, the Northeast Hops Alliance (NeHA), the NYS Brewers Association, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County, and Madison County’s Agricultural Economic Development Program are pleased to announce New York State’s first Hops Institute. 
The Institute’s first hops course, Hops 101: an introduction to growing, processing and marketing hops in NYS, will be held on March 20th from 8am to 5pm at the Saranac Brewery in Utica.  The course will be attended by current hop growers, prospective hop growers, commercial brewers, home brewers, government or agricultural extension agents, and hop

In 2009, NYS Assemblyman Bill Magee gave Madison County’s Agricultural Economic Development Program funding to purchase a hops harvester and start the NYS Hops Institute. “I am pleased to be a part of hops returning to upstate NY,” said NYS Assemblyman Bill Magee.  “We have a terrific opportunity in this historic hops growing region to produce hops for local micro-breweries.  I believe this initiative will be an asset to the agricultural community, leading to economic development and job creation throughout Central NY.” 

Hops 101 will be led by Gorst Valley Hops, based in Wisconsin.  Gorst Valley offers knowledge and services in the growth and processing of hops to all Midwest farmers, including providing drying, pelletizing, and packaging capabilities for any regional hop grower.  Gorst is working to re-introduce hops to the Midwest as a viable alternative crop to help ensure their region’s brewing heritage.  In addition, Hops 101 will feature NYS hop grower and NYS commercial brewer panels.

Hops 101 will cover the following topics: Hop Horticulture and Botany; Hop Plantation Design; Production Overview; Hop Drying and Processing; Market Analysis/Brewer Relations; and, Regional Assistance Options.  For more details on topics that will be discussed, please visit

The course costs $75 for Northeast Hops Alliance (NeHA) members, and $95 for non-NeHA members.  Become a NeHA member today!  Course fee includes all course materials, lunch, and pizza/beer after the course. 
Registration is limited.  Sign up today to reserve your spot.

“It is our goal that Hops 101 will be the first of many courses offered by the Institute,” said Becca Jablonski, Agricultural Economic Development Specialist for Madison County.  “Hops 101 will provide an introduction to growing, processing and marketing hops in NYS.  We hope to offer a 201 for a few farmers this summer who are ready to begin planting and growing hops.”

"There are over 50 breweries in NYS excited by the prospect of using hops grown in New York,” said David Katleski, Owner of the Empire Brewery and President of the NYS Brewers Association.  “The conditions for growing hops in upstate NY are ideal.  Having a proprietary varietal indigenous to NY will no doubt allow NYS breweries the ability to create beers uniquely NY.”

Larry Fisher, Owner of Foothill Hops Farm and President of the NE Hops Alliance said “it's an exciting time for hops in New York.  The goals of the Northeast Hops Alliance (NeHA) are being realized.  Hops 101 is just one of several exciting projects that we anticipate for 2010.  This course will provide technical information for everyone.  Hopefully, Hops
101 will be just the beginning of a series of courses and networking opportunities for NYS growers and brewers.  With continued effort, hops could become as viable an industry in New York as the grape/wine industry has become.  We would like to thank the many people, both past and present, who have dedicated their time and resources to NeHa and its mission to promote and preserve hops in New York.  A special thank you to Assemblyman Magee for his continuous support.”

For more information about Hops 101, please visit or call 315-684-3001

The Hops Institute is brought to you by:

Assemblyman Bill Magee
Gorst Valley Hops: Saranac Brewing Company: Morrisville State College: The NYS Brewers Association: The Northeast Hops Alliance (NeHA): Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County: Madison County’s Agricultural Economic Development Program:

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