Monday, January 25, 2010

Evans Public House gets New Chef

Announcing New Chef Chris Hawley:
Evans Public House is proud to introduce our new chef, Chris Hawley. Chris comes to Evans after three years as a sauté chef at Provence. He  worked part time with Brenda and Gary Evans for 3 years at Pinehaven Country Club before deciding to take on a full time chef position at Evans Public House. Chris is a highly skilled professional with more than 20 years of experience and training in every aspect of the kitchen. He achieved these skills and knowledge through apprenticing under great chefs around the area, refining his practice and discovering his passion and potential in the culinary arts field. Chris got his start at the Parc 5 Café, and has also worked for highly respected establishments such as Milano, Butcher Block, and McGeary’s. Chris’ experiences at these establishments have allowed him to master all of the culinary arts from food preparation to sauté. With a passionate determination, Chris continues to hone his skills and style, which have allowed him to separate himself from other chefs around the area. He plans to incorporate his techniques, experience, and creativity into the menu at Evans. Chris takes pride in his work and feels rewarded by the satisfaction customers obtain from indulging in his delectable meal presentations.  He has embraced every learning experience and situation throughout his career and is looking forward to continuing the high standard of culinary expertise and customer satisfaction that Evans Public House has always maintained. We encourage you to visit us and enjoy the Evans Public House experience.

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