Saturday, May 30, 2009

DG' Tap House Ames, Iowa

So we are walking down Main St.  In Ames Iowa yeaterday.  After having lunch at the Olde Main Brewey. The crimini patty melt was very good at$8.95  their white beer not so much.  Any who, we are window shopping on Main St. and I spot a glass door with a sign painted on it that says DG's Tap House 56 beers on tap.  Can it be true?  Opens at 4:00   Well I'm back at 4:10 and it is true.  Ames! Kyle, the very nice bar man says it's true and all 56 are craft brews.  I drive back to Iowa State and pick up the bride--she has to see this.  On the way back a Practial Nurse with bad brakes and a pierced tongue rear ends us.  No damage done but it shakes us up a bit.  We definitely need a beer now.  Kyle is waiting.  DG's is a big place upstairs. You could walk right by the door and not see it as there is no street sign.  Friday nights they have jam bands such as tonight's band Mooseknuckle.  They also have a large selection of bottles. I had a Goose Island Matilda.  Very good Belguim style beer.  The bride was very adventurus and had a Anchor Steam and  a Sierra. I also had a taste of Goose Island Imperial IPA @ 14% it's a bit much.  It's also a dollar a % as well.  All in all if you find yourself in Ames go to DG's  Kyle is very good with the samples and knows the products.

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